If talks fail we will discuss plan B: Cavusoglu

If there is no result from the Cyprus negotiations, then we will discuss a plan B, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said.

Speaking during a visit at the Hala Sultan Theological College in the TRNC, he referred, inter alia, to the Cyprus problem, stressing the need for the negotiations not to be impeded.

Turkey has always supported a fair and lasting solution on the Cyprus problem, Cavusoglu said and underlined the following:

“We should proceed to a five-party meeting the soonest possible in order to be able to find a solution to the Cyprus problem. Negotiations could be carried out until then in order to achieve progress on the issues remaining unresolved and open, so that convergences are reached.

We, as Turkey, have always shown a compromising stance. We are one step ahead of the others. And now we have the same approach. Both sides accepted the 11th February joint declaration as the framework for the Cyprus negotiations. We should not step away from this.

If no result comes up from the negotiation process, then we discuss plan B. But while the negotiations are still in progress and there are still hopes, it is not necessary to speak about plan B or plan C. Also, the UN says that this is the last negotiation process under this framework. And I say that we should not miss this chance. But, if there are some people who want this chance to be missed, I have nothing to say to them. In that case, everybody should look for their own alternatives”, Cavusoglu added.

Yeni Bakis

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