Illegal Turkish fishing vessels return to Karpaz

Turkish registered purse seine fishing vessels have been spotted offshore Karpaz again this year, despite there being a ban on that method of fishing.

Local fisherman continue to protest about the illegal presence of these types of fishing boat which greatly deplete fish stocks and local income.

Last year, the presence of the purse-seiners was excused by the ministry of environment on the grounds that they were taking shelter in bad weather. However, the same type of fishing vessels have returned again this year.

Those representing the local fishing industry cannot understand why they have not been prosecuted, as the practice is illegal. Those types of boats have been identified and photographed by the fishermen, images of which have been published on social media.

Elsewhere, according to a Greenpeace report, massive bluefin tuna are also caught by purse-seines, in places like the Mediterranean. This is by no means a traditional fishing method, and in fact the increase in purse seining over the past few decades has been at the expense of local, traditional methods of fishing that have existed for much longer.

What happens today is that the bluefin, aggregating to spawn, are targeted by vast purse-seine nets. Then those that are too young to sell on are towed off to be kept and fattened up in cages.


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