ILO highlights poor health and safety standards

The International Labour Organisation has published figures which state that across the world as many as 2.3 million people a year die from occupational accidents or work-related diseases, one death every 15 seconds.

In march 2009 official legislation came into effect, introducing Health and Safety at Work, which states that the employer is ultimately responsible for the physical well-being of its employees. It also requires organisations to properly explain the risks of the occupation and what should be done to reduce them.

This is particularly relevant for the TRNC, where work-place accidents are commonplace. In September 2012, a council worker in Nicosia was fatally injured when emptying a rubbish truck at a dump in Gungor, where an EU funded facility was recently opened. An investigation into the death has concluded that the driver, Mr Mehmet Zubi, should have been able to empty the truck from within the vehicle, a condition of work that was not properly enforced at the site.

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