Images of Cockfighting Anger Animal Welfare Groups

Photos referring to the illegal practice of cockfighting were posted on social media to the anger and dismay of animal welfare groups.

A group of men holding roosters posed for a photograph. The comment was “he wrestled well”.

The police are considering prosecution of the alleged act which carries with it a potential prison sentence.

Pointing out that there is the ‘Animal Welfare Law’, Tashkent Nature Park Director Kemal Basat noted that those who cause suffering to animals should be punished.

Head of the Veterinary Department Mehmet Esfendiyar, stated that this is a “forensic case”. Cyprus Animal Rights Association President Cemaliye Inan stated that using animals for fighting is a crime but people are afraid to report these crimes. The Animal Welfare Law was passed unanimously on March 4, 2013.

Tashkent Nature Park Director Kemal Basat said, “It is forbidden to” fight animals, organise animal fights, or participate in animal fights, according to clause of Article 6, paragraph 3. Although this has 4 minimum wage penalties, it is also possible to go to court. The court can sentence a person or persons to 1 year in prison for this crime and also issue a fine. There is occasional information about cockfights. The important thing is not to make a law but to implement it”, he said.

Yeni Duzen

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