Impact of Dust Pollution: Future Projections for Cyprus

North Cyprus News - Dust in Atmosphere

President of the Meteorological Engineers Chamber (MMO) Dr. Mustafa Altunç, has provided insights to Kibris Postasi about the frequent but short-lived dust transport affecting the region.

Highlighting that “The primary causes of dust transport are drought and desertification, with desertification, land degradation, and drought posing threats to many countries, including Cyprus“, Professor Altunç stressed the significant role of dust transport in the global ecosystem.

Varied Impacts of Dust on Ecosystem Where it Settles

Dr. Altunç noted that, due to Cyprus’s geographical position, it is significantly influenced by desert dust from two major sources: the Sahara Desert in Africa and regions in the Middle East. He explained, “Fine dust particles, lifted from deserts by rising low-pressure systems and strong winds, can travel great distances and impact both human health and ecosystems in the areas where they settle“.

Poor Air Quality Claims Seven Million Lives Annually

Dr. Altunç emphasised that desert dust can trigger health issues such as migraines and asthma, leading to numerous respiratory and other health problems. Additionally, it disrupts economic activities like transportation and tourism, complicating daily life. Referring to World Health Organisation data, Altunç remarked, “It is estimated that poor air quality results in seven million deaths worldwide each year“.

Long-Term Dust Transport Expected in The Future

Altunç further explained that due to global climate change and the consequent increase in desertification and drought, the region is likely to experience more frequent and prolonged dust transport in the future.

Kibris Postasi

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