Importing cheap labour from Turkey unfair on locals

A new labour force agreement signed between Turkey and the TRNC and recently approved by a majority at the Assembly, has been criticised by the New Cyprus Party (YKP).

In a written statement, the YKP said that the agreement would not serve anything and would make the current employment situation in the TRNC worse.

The new labour protocol enables employers to apply directly to the Labour Office or private agency of another country to secure its labour force.

If the agreement was implemented, there would be unfair competition for employment, because because employers would be able to apply to Turkey to secure cheap labour, the statement read.

It went on to say that the agreement would not solve the existing problem of foreign workers coming into the country, registering themselves as university students. Rather it would compound the problem.

The YKP also called on all deputies in the Assembly to explain why they have approved the above agreement, before the parliamentary committee had a chance to discuss it.


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