Importing electricity from Turkey is top priority: Denktaş

Bringing electricity from Turkey, after the transfer of water, is one of the priorities of the new government, Deputy PM Serdar Denktaş has said.

Denktaş, told Ankara Anatolia news agency, that this project will take between one to two years to complete.

Asked about the Cyprus negotiations, Denktaş stated that it is not possible to go contradict the President Mustafa Akinci. Denktaş said that Akinci is the president who was elected by the people and who is sincerely seeking a solution at the negotiating table. “We will merely support this. I appreciate our president’s sensibilities”, he stated,

Referring to Turkey-EU relations, he commented that “the EU is not treating Turkey with sincerity and good will”.

If the EU understands that Turkey is not a threat to it, but rather an opportunity, then we will easily reach a solution. The EU is not being sincere with Turkey. It does not show straightforward good will”, he said.

In addition, the paper further writes that if the economic protocol between the TRNC and Turkey is not signed prior to the extraordinary election conference of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) which will be held on 22nd May, North Cyprus will face financial difficulties. Commenting on the issue, Denktaş stated that there is a good chance that the protocol will be signed before the end of the conference.

Kibris Postasi

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