Inactivity of ‘Barbaros’ shows good will: Eide

The UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide has said that the fact that the Turkish seismic survey vessel ‘Barbaros’ has not left Famagusta Port in spite of the Turkish NAVTEX is “a very clear sign of good will”

Eide said that he does not expect a new NAVTEX to be issued after 6th April, when the current Turkish NAVTEX expires and noted that as ‘Barbaros’ had remained in port and the interruption of the explorations of ENI/KOGAS Company for technical evaluations, a new negotiating process will start. “There is a real hope for Cyprus in front of us, I am very optimistic”, he added.

Eide noted that immediately after 6th April either the two leaders or he, on their behalf, will issue a statement regarding the resumption of the negotiations. He said: “We aim to have a speedy process, because I have experienced that slow processes lead us nowhere. We aim to speedily discuss all important issues and, even if we are not able to reach a solution, to achieve significant progress”.

Referring to the resumption of the negotiations, Eide noted that they will begin with the governance and power sharing and issues of the property chapter which include the aspect of territory. “If we achieve significant progress and feel that we are close to the solution, this will change the perceptions”, he argued adding that then “the hydrocarbon research activities will be approached differently”.

Eide noted that all issues in the negotiations are related to each other and argued that there are some concepts which should be clarified. He added: “For example, bi-zonality, there is an agreement between the sides on bi-zonality, but what does this mean for the sides? When we clarify the answer to this, it will influence both the EU chapter and the property chapter. That is, actually the issues are related with each other and the progress achieved on one of them will influence the other chapters”.

Source Havadis

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