Increased military presence at Turkey – Syria border

Some two hundred and fifty tanks along with armoured vehicles and artillery units have been deployed along the Turkish border with Syria. As tensions escalate, additional Turkish troops have been sent to the region in preparation for a possible clash with Syrian forces.
An unnamed  witness in the area spoke of two Turkish F-16 fighter planes seen in the area shortly after an aerial bombing by a Syrian attack helicopter in the town of Asmarin (Syria).

Turkish army presence has been beefed up in a move to prevent infiltration of the area by PKK fighters from the Kurdistan Workers Party. The 600 mile long border has seen numerous stray shells and gunfire spill over from Syria as Bashar Assad battles opponents seeking to take control of the country. Although no attacks from the jets were reported, Ankara has stated that it will respond with fire to every live round that violates the Turkish border.

The Turkish air force commands one of the largest fleets within NATO, of which Turkey has been a member state since 1952. Part of the fleet includes 200 F-16 fighter jets that make up the majority of its fighter fleet. On October 2011, Turkey ordered 30 addition fighter jets as part of a deal said to be worth $2.9bn.

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