Indefinite strike at Kyrenia State Hospital starts tomorrow

TIP-IS union members will go on indefinite strike at Girne State Hospital starting tomorrow.

Union leader, Erol Sherlioglu says that the strike will continue until all vacant personnel places are filled by the government. This startling news was given by Mr Sherlioglu during a press conference earlier today.

All doctors, nurses and other health workers will be expected to take part in the strike. During which, only emergency services will be operating and no other patients will be treated.

The nurses’ union and civil servants union also gave their backing to the strike call.

Mr Sherlioglu told the press that the government was intent on reducing the number of public employees in the TRNC and had signed an agreement with Turkey to that effect. The consequence of that objective was that the health service was collapsing. The government seemed content to operate using low paid nurses on temporary contracts.

The union had met with the Prime Minister and Health Minister many times but they would not budge.

From tomorrow onwards only emergency services will be spared. All routine operations have been cancelled.

It is claimed that Kyrenia hospital is being treated even more unfairly than other hospitals. While having roughly the same population numbers, Famagusta hospital has 130 nurses while Kyrenia has only 56.

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