Infection Can Be Beaten If Everyone Obeys Rules

Cyprus News - Health Minister - Dr. Ali Pilli 2
Health Minister – Dr. Ali Pilli

Health Minister Ali Pilli announced that there were 21 new cases of Covid-19 detected between Thursday  evening until this morning. “We are not waiting for the cases to drop, but to prevent transmission,” he said. Pilli also stated that case numbers will rise until the evening hours.

Pilli, who was a guest on the BRT, also stated that this epidemic could not be controlled with a seven-day lockdown, and pointed out that the lockdown should be longer.

Pilli said, “First, the cases should be reduced with a strictly enforced seven day lockdown, by the 14th day there should be a great reduction in infections, and the cases between the 14th and the 21st day should be reduced to a minimum and towns should be opened completely“.

Noting that the number of PCR tests will be increased, Pilli explained that at least 21 days are needed to control this level of infection. Stating that the contamination level and the number of cases will begin to decrease between the first seven days and 14 days, Pilli said, “There will definitely be leakages and this transmission will continue. Everyone has a great duty, everyone should stay at home. Some sectors will of course be open. But if everyone follows the rules, the level of contamination will decrease”, he said.

 Studies to restrict travel within North Cyprus

Explaining that there is a problem with partial closure and mobility continues, Pilli stated that some studies are continuing to limit this mobility.

Pilli said, “Municipalities were also included in this process, inspections will be increased. The aim is not to impose fines, but to warn to get out of this ‘trouble’. Those who do not comply will of course be punished, but strict measures are now necessary. We have reached this level, where there is no longer a choice between either the economy or health”. 

 Test numbers are sufficient and could increase

Stating that the number of tests will also be increased, Pilli explained that the test capacity is high and there is no problem in this respect. In reference to the people who did not self isolate after being in contact with an infected person, Pilli said, “Our trouble is that some people don’t do their part“.

 Vaccines will continue to come

North Cyprus News - Sinovac VaccineNoting that screenings will also be performed in areas where cases are common, Pilli also touched on the vaccine issue.

Pilli said the following:

While vaccinating, there is inevitably jamming and piling up. Inevitably, there are disruptions. In order to prevent these, we want to direct the vaccination to the regions where the cases are fewer. Yesterday, Turkey sent 20,000 doses of vaccine… There are studies and initiatives on how to send vaccines more efficiently. We are working with the aim of opening the tourism and education sectors completely after March and April. There is a shortage of vaccines in the world, but we are overcoming this with the contributions of 2,250 vaccines from the EU –  thank you everyone. We are also in constant contact regarding EU vaccines. The vaccine will continue to be sent from there”. 

 Doctor numbers will be increased

Stating that the current cases are severe cases, Pilli stated that they are at the level of hospitalization and treatment, and that there is a shortage of doctors and nurses in this context, and that 10 doctors will be requested by the Council of Ministers.

Pilli stated the following on the subject: “.. We called experienced nurses to help fight the pandemic. Doctors have the same problems, but they are not inadequate, everyone is working hard, and the doctor numbers will be reinforced…We also have volunteer doctors, they tell us they are always ready to help. We will get together and achieve this together”. 

 Occupancy status in the Pandemic Hospital

North Cyprus News - Pandemic Hospital - Nicosia
Pandemic Hospital – Nicosia

At the moment, there were 88 patients being treated at the pandemic hospital and nine patients remain in intensive care, Pilli said.

Pilli’s statements continue as follows:

These patients are examined every day and if necessary, their tomography is taken. Cases that do not have problems are staying in quarantine hotels. We will not have problems in the next day or two, but it depends on the course of the events. As long as this number is successful. Maybe today 5, 6 cases will go down. Even a drop of 6 or7 cases would be a good trajectory for us. In this way, we will be more comfortable if the case numbers fall. We are preparing for any situation.

 Quarantine Hotels

Noting that the paramedics in the quarantine hotels are also aware that there are deficiencies, Pilli stated that this issue will also be resolved.

He stated that despite the number of staff infections that occurred at Dr Akçiçek Hospital in Kyrenia, there is no problem in the operation of the hospital.

 Stay at home

At the end of his speech, Pilli gave this message:

 “Stay at home as much as possible in these 21 days, observe the mask, distance and hygiene rules, do not make home visits, we cannot police everyone, please, our people should obey these rules, let’s prevent this moving, let’s not leave the house unless necessary, Let’s go to our health centres immediately.


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