Interim agreement in Cyprus talks out of the question

Following Friday’s meeting between the two community leaders for the Cyprus talks, both leaders were emphatic that there was no question of signing an interim agreement on the Cyprus issue, despite reports in the south’s press.

Speaking from the presidential palace, President Anastasiades said that there is no such agreement. The terms of the negotiations, as laid down in the joint statement on 11th February 11, 2014, stipulate that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.

Anastasiades told reporters:

There is no chance for an interim solution. What will be presented to the people of Cyprus will be a comprehensive proposal with a constitution, with the constitution of the federal government, with the constitutions of the federated states, with the agreement which will be depicting the convergences, but also with everything that will constitute annexes.”

He added: “Let me make it clear, the people will be presented with a complete agreement which will not omit anything from all that constitute the component parts of the solution.”

For his part, President Akinci made a similar statement when he returned to the north.

We are faithful to the concept of the overall solution. There is no desire or intention or proposal to sign an interim agreement that contains only a few points,” he said.

After the leaders’ third meeting this month, Anastasiades said that on Friday he and Akinci had discussed the competencies of the central government and of the constituent states, and also the responsibility that the state would have in terms of international obligations, “so that there will be an oversight for the implementation of the obligations of the federal Republic of Cyprus”.

He said that on most of the competencies of the central government there was convergence.  “There are some outstanding differences… about three or four issues… the distance is not great,” he said.

Asked about the issue of the rotating presidency, a subject on which both leaders cannot agree, Anastasiades said it would be discussed this month.

To a comment that it was one of the thorny issues, he said: “It is a thorn on which our position is given. It may remain pending until the end.”

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