Interim government cracks on

The new government under Prime Minister Sibel Siber has, within a few days, prepared its programme for action and today presented it to parliament for approval.

It promises many major and noteworthy changes. One that particularly stands out is the promise to simplify and make easier it for foreigners to buy and sell properties in the TRNC.

The whole programme is a major piece of proposed legislation, a very few highlights are shown below.

Overall Aims

The overriding objective of the government will be openness, transparency and accountability to the public. The basic principle is to improve the quality of the daily life of the people.

This is a working government that will put in the highest efforts to achieve its programme.

Freedom of the press will be enhanced; we will work to ensure that all media outlets have the same opportunities as those belonging to the state.

BRT will be allowed to operate in an independent and democratic manner.

All public institutions will allow access to the press and provide information in a transparent manner.

All actions of the previous government will be analysed to assess their compliance with the law. Any deviations will be shared with the public and then reversed. Corrupt practises will be punished to the full extent of the law.

The number of civil servants will be reduced and those remaining will provide a better quality of service.

The voice of the TRNC needs to be heard in the world. We want to take our deserved place in the international community. We will increase contacts with EU institutions and particularly the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.

We will look to remove the isolation of the TRNC.

Specific measures

The Immovable Property Commission will be made more efficient.

Land registry records will be streamlined. Any illegal land activities will be reversed.

The construction of the new central prison will be speeded up.

The buying or selling of real estate by foreigners will be made easier, simpler and quicker. Any changes to the law required will be made.

There will be a strategic plan for higher education so that universities have a framework to grow in.

There will be a programme to introduce more sport activity for youngsters. This will make them more active.

A Farm to Table, food safety unit will be formed to monitor the quality of our food products. All information such as fertiliser usage will be made public.

Investments harmful to the public health such as oil storage plants will be stopped.

Pollution in the air and sea will be continuously monitored. Power plants will have chimneys and filters.

Noise pollution, particularly during summer months, will be strictly supervised.

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