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North Cyprus News - Kudret Ozersay
Leader of HP – Kudret Ozersay

The current status quo in Cyprus may be benefiting the interests of international players, People’s Party (HP) Chairman Kudret Özersay has said.

Özersay said he was not convinced that those stakeholders were really interested in a federal solution to the Cyprus problem, Kibris Postasi reports.

The current situation does not bother them either. I also told the British High Commissioner personally”, he said. He added that if the international community had really been interested in a federal solution, they would have made their influence felt.

Özersay said, “If they were seriously disturbed by the current status quo, international actors would have done what they needed to make it happen“.

He went on to say, “You would force the Greek side to share the power and wealth. There’s no room. There are no carrots and sticks for the Greek side. They just say ‘we want the federation’.”

Özersay said, “If the Greek Cypriots reach an agreement with the Turkish Cypriots, ‘Is the presence of the British bases here in your interest?’ Is it risky for British national security when you say? Let’s put this aside. Here, whether federal Cyprus or two-state Cyprus, if we develop policies within ourselves, if the UK will make an aerial observation over Cyprus, will our potential allies not be disturbed? Aren’t these risk factors for the British? This is a reality. If we are going to make an analysis in terms of real politics, the US administration says ‘I want a federal solution’ but does not do what is necessary. The current status quo provides the USA with room for movement in this region. They can get a licence from the Greeks and come and do explorations“, he said.

He noted that a solution in Cyprus could benefit the USA, Britain and the EU, but it is a risk factor and no one has received any assurances, Özersay said.

These factors should be addressed, he concluded.

Kibris Postasi

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