Internet Connections To Be Upgraded Soon

North Cyprus News - Okuliye Eroğlu Canaltay
[Minister of Public Works and Transport – Resmiye Canaltay]
Internet problems in North Cyprus will be resolved in the very near future, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Resmiye Canaltay, has promised, BRT reported. She said that the issue had gone too far and that a road map had been laid out to reach a solution to internet problems.

The road map will be finalised at meetings to be held with Turkey in the coming days, she said.

Minister Canaltay told Turkish Agency Cyprus (TAK) that the internet is needed in every field, from television channels to phone calls, and noted that it is aimed to switch to 4.5-5 G internet as soon as possible and to strengthen home internet connections. Canaltay said, “A roadmap for 4.5-5G internet will be drawn up in the coming days, I am determined to finish it“.


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