Interpol clears NEU hospital of illegal transplant allegations

Allegations made by Health Minister Ahmet Gulle regarding alleged illegal activities involving organ and tissue transplants at the Near East University hospital are unfounded. Interpol has said that “No evidence was found concerning any illegal activities or works of the NEU university hospital concerning organ and tissue transplants”, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Vatan’ reports.

In response to the allegations, NEU Hospital board member Ahmet Savasan, the Head doctor, Sevim Erkmen and the Head of departments organised a press conference, “urging the Minister of Health to correct his unfortunate and unfounded statement which could not be taken seriously and was belittling North Cyprus in front of the world by giving the impression that an illegal organ trade is taking place.”

When preparations for kidney-heart and other transplants for Turkish Cypriot patients were completed in principle, in 2012 the Minister of Health issued a document authorising NEU Hospital to perform organ transplants.

The newspaper cites reliable sources which say that Interpol’s report will be presented to the Attorney General by the Chief of Police. The paper recalling statements made by the Health Minister who said that he would resign if no evidence was found and called on the minister to submit his resignation.

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