Investigation Into Prescription Fraud Causing Drug Shortages


The ongoing investigation into prescription fraud and dire economic conditions have led pharmacists to the point of shutting up shop, Kibris Postasi reports.

Since the discovery of prescription fraud five months ago, over 50 pharmacists have been arrested and released on bail. Meanwhile investigations remain ongoing since that time. Alarm bells are ringing for the country’s healthcare system.

According to information obtained by Kibris Postasi,  the “shortage of medicines” is increasing. Many pharmacies have been forced to lay off employees, in the meantime, the progress of the prescription investigation has damaged the reputation of pharmacists.

Pharmacists and their families have been psychologically “devastated” during the investigation process amid concerns for their future. Lawyers say that at least 10 years are needed for the investigation process to be completed and for the cases of pharmacists released on bail and forbidden to leave the country, to be heard.

Since many pharmacists have reached the point of being unable to pay their debts, pharmaceutical warehouses unable to collect payments reduce the supply of drugs to the country.

Payments to Pharmacists Delayed for Months

Financially struggling pharmacists are also facing delays in payments that should be made by the state. Payments to pharmacists, whether under investigation or not, have not be made since August 2023.

Despite communicating on every platform, pharmacists’ good intentions are being abused. During the prescription fraud case, pharmacists and doctors continue to be targeted, while the relevant state officials are not subject to investigation.

Kibris Postasi

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