Investment in TRNC cannot wait until Cyprob is solved

“No one should expect life in North Cyprus to be put on hold while seeking a settlement to the Cyprus problem”, President Akinci told BRT.

Akinci was responding to a statement made earlier by President Anastasiades. The Greek Cypriot president said that new investments in Guzelyurt/Morphou would bring an end to the current negotiations. President Akinci responded that Anastasiades’ latest statement was untimely, as the issue of territory had not yet been discussed.

He pointed out that if the Greek Cypriots were looking for someone to blame, then they should remember the results of the 2004 referendum. [The Greek Cypriots voted against, while the Turkish Cypriots voted in favour.]

Akinci said there is an agreement with Anastasiades not to discuss names, percentages, maps, security and the issue of guarantees until the end of the current process: “This was a joint decision. This is something that had been agreed upon by the two sides within the framework of the negotiations process”.

Stating that it was not possible to hold negotiations on the territory chapter through the media, Akinci said that he would give the same response to Anastasiades at their next meeting, should the Greek Cypriot side bring up the issue again.

Pointing out that he did not wish to enter the blame game, however, he had felt obliged to speak up on the issue. Akinci expressed the hope that their interlocutors display the same sensitivity on such issues in the future.


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