IPC accuses coalition for dragging its heels on tax law

The coalition government is failing in its duty, head of the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) Ayfer Erkman has said.

The IPC, Erkman said, is merely the deciding body that decides whether or not to grant compensation to its applicants. Clarifying a common public misperception, he said that it is the Ministry of the Interior and the Finance Ministry’s duty to implement the IPC’s decisions.

Member of the IPC, Gungor Gunkan said that since 2014, the Turkish government had been asking for the implementation of a ‘special assessment tax’ which enables the TRNC to contribute to the compensation payments. Turkey has withheld monies until the act required to enable the tax to be levied is passed. However, the TRNC Assembly has not yet discussed the ‘contribution law’. If this law had been passed, the property issue could have been solved to a greater extent, he noted.

The burden on the IPC will only become greater since the Conference on Cyprus failed. It is inevitable that the number of Greek Cypriots applying to the IPC will increase. In another interview, the head of the IPC said that it would take £2 billion to settle the outstanding claims.


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