IPC Needs Billions of Pounds to Pay Compensation

North Cyprus News - IPC - Ayfer ErkmanChairman of the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) Ayfer Erkmen (pictured far right), has said that 6,545 applications filed by Greek Cypriots are pending at the commission because of the lack of funding.

Erkmen argued that these 6,545 applications concerned sale of Greek Cypriot properties and that “in order for these cases to be concluded, several billions of pounds sterling are needed, but somehow the generation of resources is not possible”.

Arif Mapolar, a member of the IPC has resigned, as a result of which, questions were raised as to whether the commission was being dissolved. Asked about the issue, Erkmen denied the rumour that the IPC is being dissolved and admitted that decisions could not be taken because of the lack of money. He also said that on 13 June another person would be appointed in Mapolar’s place so that the members of the commission will be seven again and able to take decisions.

Asked how many decisions they have taken until today, Erkmen said that they have taken 205 decisions at a cost of 110 million sterling pounds in compensations.

Complaining about what he called the “indifference” of the governments, Erkmen also said that Turkey does not send money because the assembly did not approve a law that imposes an ‘improvement tax’ on these properties.


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