IPC remains swamped by claims

The Immovable Property Commission (IPC) has announced that 1000 of the 6,323 applications to the commission over the past 11 years have been settled.

According to the commission there are more than 5,000 applications still awaiting settlements.

Speaking in an interview to TAK news agency, the President of the IPC, Ayfer Erkmen and members of the commission, said that efforts were being made to solve the outstanding problems at the commission but that they have yet to achieve the result they want.

According to information on the commission’s website, of the 1000 cases that have been concluded, 815 were settled through compensation.

The figures show that the majority of Greek Cypriots have demanded compensation.

A total of 16 thousand dönüms of land has become Turkish title deed land through compensation at a cost of £235 million. This leaves £55 million yet to be paid.

IPC President Ayfer Erkmen said that despite the fact that it was the commission which ruled and settled on the cases, it was the TRNC state or Interior Ministry which implemented the decisions.

He said that the amount of money allocated in the TRNC budget for the commission was 75 million Turkish Liras.

Noting that there has been a distancing of relations with Turkey over the issue compared to the past, Erkmen said that a proposal by Turkey to levy a land value tax on property that has become Turkish title land through compensation, has not been accepted by the TRNC.

He said that the issue has contributed to the rift.

The IPC members also explained that bureaucratic red tape, mortgage problems and other problems related to divided shares of properties in question were the main obstacles in settling cases.

The members pointed out that the European Court of Human Rights, on the other hand, had only been able to settle 36 such cases over a span of 15 years.

Stating that efforts to digitally transfer title deed records were continuing in the TRNC, the IPC members stated that not all title deed records were in the possession of the TRNC government, with some left in South Cyprus.

They stated that an offer by the Greek Cypriot side to ‘harmonise’ the records on both sides did not receive approval by the TRNC government.

According to IPC members, the total amount of Greek Cypriot titled land within the TRNC’s boundaries, for the exception of public land, is 1.4 million dönüms of land.

The amount of Turkish titled land that remains in South Cyprus is 450 thousand dönüms.


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