Is South Ready to Accept Guterres’ Framework?

Mustafa Akinci has called on the Greek Cypriot side to announce the soonest if it is ready to accept the Guterres Framework as it had been submitted by the UN Secretary-General at Crans-Montana, Switzerland in July 207, without “distorting it” with its own interpretations. “Let us declare it as a strategic package agreement. Then the negotiations for completing the outstanding issues will also have a meaning”, said Akinci.

President Akinci noted that the UNSG could examine the possibility of such a strategic agreement himself or through a high ranking official whom he appoints.

Referring to the debates regarding the solution of confederation or two states in Cyprus, Akinci said that these solutions cannot be achieved at the negotiating table and argued: “At the moment we will officially come forward with this kind of proposal, it is obvious that we will be described as the side which rejects the UN parameters and we will enter into a long-lasting deadlock”.

Akinci noted that diplomacy and dialogue continue to be the means for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, but reiterated that it would not be realistic to expect different results by repeating the same things and that it is meaningless to experience once again a period of open-ended negotiations which are not focused on the result. “The way out could be searched only within the framework of a strategic package approach with a certain time-table”, he said and argued: “It is possible for all sides to gain through a solution in Cyprus. However, new quests are needed for this. We need approaches which will develop the spirit of reconciliation and cooperation instead of conflict”.

Noting that all sides should be sincere regarding the Guterres Framework, Akinci declared: “In the name of the Turkish Cypriot people, I have tried to exhibit the same sincere stance before, during and after Crans-Montana within the framework of the UN parameters. In the same way I have said ‘yes’ to the Guterrres Framework then, I am at the same point today. However, in order to find a solution, it is not sufficient only for me being at this point”.

Yeni Duzen

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