Is there a Plan B under way for North Cyprus?

After having a conversation during a television show with the chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Fikri Toros, the issue of “a package to erase the status quo” which carries a new concept for the Cyprus problem after the latest developments, came to the mind of journalist *Sami Ozuslu.

In a speculative article written by Ozuslu for ‘Yeni Duzen’, he writes that the package will contain confidence building measures reflecting the Swiss model and a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem.

During Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s visit to the TRNC, the idea of opening Maras/Varosha came onto the agenda, Ozuslu writes, noting that the only other person to make any public reference to this idea was deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktas.

The journalist noted that Fikri Toros had confirmed that some studies had been made on the opening up of Maras and that Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ozdil Nami had referred to the issue. “It is not known when and how Varosha will be opened, under what status and how this will affect the Cyprus problem. But what is certain is that a step will be taken regarding Maras”, the columnist wrote.

Ozuslu went on and wrote that the Cyprus negotiations have collapsed and that like Alvaro De Soto did in 2004, Eide is now leaving Cyprus with his moral broken. During this period while everything is hanging fire, the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey are taking new steps in order both to raise spirits and to convey a positive message to the world. This message, which started with the announcement about the return of the Maronites to their villages in North Cyprus, heads the list the columnist writes:

  • The safeguarding of the Maronites’ return to their villages.
  • The (somehow) opening of Varosha.
  • Strengthening the compensation committee (IPC) and encouraging the increase of applications by the Greek Cypriots.
  • Opening of new border crossings, mainly of those of Lefke and Derinya.
  • Arrangements so that commercial vehicles bearing TRNC registration plates to be able to cross to the South.
  • Efforts made so that water transferred from Turkey to North Cyprus to be able to transferred to the South as well.

Toros referred to these proposals as suggestions made by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce but we understand that these are included on Akinci’s agenda. The messages conveyed after Akinci’s meeting with the compensation committee (IPC) is proof that there is mobility for this package”, Ozuslu argued.

Yeni Duzen

*Sami Ozuslu is head of the Turkish Cypriot journalists’ union

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