Is Turkey annexing TRNC to mainland?

A columnist writes wonders whether or not the “Alexandretta process” is being implemented now with the aim of annexing the TRNC to Turkey. Fatma Azgin writing in Yeni Duzen reports, inter alia, the following:

“We are passing through days in which the project of binding the TRNC to Turkey is continuously becoming more evident. In the water project, the electricity project and the content of the economic programme, the accession of these lands to Turkey, turning them into a province is becoming more evident.

The breaking point of Turkey’s domination, which has covered a pretty long distance to this end, has long since passed. The transfer of population which in years doubled the local population, the exploitation of this place’s resources afterwards, without giving anything in return, and the fact that the state and the people are always in debt in the end, clearly shows the route to bankruptcy.

Regardless of how many elections we may hold, of how many governments we will establish, our ‘independent and free’ will has suffered from erosion.

Finding a solution to the Cyprus problem in this environment is becoming difficult. It is evident that Turkey lacks the will [for a solution] and wants to implement its ‘own plan’. If this place is ‘annexed’, don’t expect anything other than a few ‘protests’ to the UN or the EU.”

Yeni Duzen

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