Iskele Health Centre in Trouble

Iskele health centre is a major new project set up to meet the health needs of the 10,000 citizens of the area.

However, it was meant to have been finished and complete within a year. Now, nearly two years later, it is still under construction. The health centre was opened last April by President Eroglu.

Since being opened to the public, construction work continues, leading to a new problem, severe under manning.

This major health centre has a current staff of six nurses, one ambulance driver and one chauffeur.

After normal working hours the only staff left are one nurse, the ambulance driver and a security man. If the ambulance driver is called away, the hospital is locked up.

The Union of Nurses and Midwives have been complaining about this situation for months. Yesterday they went on a one hour strike to highlight their plight.

The head of the union, Oguz Kose was with the press yesterday to issue a highly critical review of the government’s performance. He asked how citizens, particularly the elderly were supposed to make their way through a building site to access medical services. He also asked how the Prime Minister had managed to place 400 of his supporters in jobs recently but could not find the resources to adequately staff the hospital.

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