Iskele still struggles with environmental disaster

On July 15th a vessel was offloading oil to the AKSA power production plant, however a feeder hose split and 100 tons of fuel were discharged into the sea.

Even after various attempts to clean up the resultant pollution, the job is far from over.

During the last 20 days the oil spill has been spread far and wide by the wind and seas. It has even been reported as reaching Larnaca beaches in South Cyprus.

The largest impact has been on tourism. News of oil on the beaches has been reported by the press and social media such as Twitter. Reservations in the area have been cancelled.

Elen Properties has made substantial investments in the Iskele area. It has invested heavily in the construction sector since 2006 and has plans for further investments for 2014.

However, recently would-be buyers of its luxury residences have been cancelling deposits and now the company is suing AKSA.

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