Islamic Bank in 15 million dollar deal with TC Chamber of Commerce

The joint delaration is an historical document, with this document the two communities agreed on main features of the solution, said Turkish Cyprus Foreign Minister Nami, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reported.

Nami was speaking during his meeting with other foreign ministers under the auspices of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah.

In his speech Nami pointed out that it is time to be unified in order to sustain stability in a region that is conflict stricken. Nami said that Turkish Cypriots are following the events in the region with “great sadness” and the Turkish Cypriot government is supporting the refugees with social aid and education for the children.

Touching upon the economic structure of North Cyprus, Nami said that there is stable improvement of the North’s economy and that investments in the tourism sector are ongoing “despite global financial crisis”.

Recalling the visit of the Islamic Development Bank and a delegation of businessmen from the OIC membership to North Cyprus, Nami said that the Islamic Development Bank is collaborating with the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce over a project valued at 15 million dollars.

During his speech, Nami also touched upon relations with the EU. According to Nami the Cyprus Turkish State is cooperating with the EU Commission and that an “intense” EU harmonisation program is being implemented. “Around 70 laws were harmonised in the framework of this program, and the harmonisation dramatically increased the quality of life in North Cyprus”.

Nami invited the businessmen to North Cyprus to take part in the developing trade sector “where local products are exported with cheaper costs”.

Speaking about the Cyprus negotiations Nami said that with the joint declaration, the hopes and expectations for a solution were increased and that Joe Biden’s visit also contributed to this positive atmosphere.

“However the Greek Cypriots are not utilising the negotiation process rationally but instead they are playing for time. Moreover they don’t respect the previous agreements which will serve as the backbone of possible future agreement”, said Nami.

Nami also called for the UN and the international community to take the initiative regarding the Greek Cypriot position and to “convince the GC side to respect the past agreements”.

Referring to energy resources, Nami said that these will contribute to peace, stability and prosperity in Cyprus and in the region.

According to the statement by the Information Office Nami met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Brunei Prince Muhammed, Djibouti Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf and FM of Cameroon in the framework of his Jeddah contacts.

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