Israel Real Enemy of Reunification Columnist Writes

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ on its front page, published a commentary by Husnu Mahalli, columnist in the Turkish daily ‘Sozcu’. Mahalli, who is considered an expert on Middle East affairs, in his following commentary, says that the biggest obstacle to the Cyprus settlement is Israel:

Israel, since its establishment in 1948, has shown great interest in Cyprus and is making special efforts to prevent the solution [to the Cyprus problem]. A United Cyprus or a Cyprus connected to Greece or Turkey does not serve the purpose of Israel”.

According to the columnist, Israel has not neglected North Cyprus, adding that Israel is constructing and operating a marina at the far east of the island, only 80km away from Mersin. He further writes:

If you remember how advanced their technology is, it is not difficult to predict what Israelis can dial in these numbers. In addition to this, it is known that Israelis also purchased vast tracts of land in the TRNC, have built holiday sites. What I want to say is that the danger in Cyprus is not the Greek Cypriots or Greece but Israel. Because behind Israel is the United States, Britain and France. All of them eye the trillions of cubic meters of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean. The natural gas and oil of Cyprus, Israel, Palestine (Gazza), Lebanon, Egypt and Syria. Everyone writes of many war scenarios for this region.”


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