Israel’s Actions Highlight Need for Guarantees

A press release issued by the Deputy Prime Ministry and Foreign Ministry condemning the actions of the US and Israel read: “We advise those who are having difficulty understanding or who do not want to understand why the Turkish Cypriot people demand an active guarantee system for its security to carefully watch the developments in Palestine”. It added that the violence targeting civilians in front of the world in the 21st century has, once again, proven that security was still one of the most important factors for the existence of a community.

The ministry expressed deep sadness over the loss of lives which resulted from the fait accompli achieved by ignoring the rights and sensitivities of the Palestinians on the soil of Palestine.

“The US, in contrast to the understanding of solving the international law and conflicts through peaceful methods and similar to its stance on Arab-Israeli wars has, once again, put its signature on another serious mistake which would endanger peace. We condemn the US for causing these incidents which claimed the lives of people in front of the world and Israel for using disproportionate gun force against civilians”, the statement said.

“We, as the TRNC once again, remind the importance of abstaining from approaches which would trigger violence in this region and in other regions of the world where there are continuing international disputes and the need for solving disputes through peaceful dialogue”, the statement read and added: “We, hereby, invite the UN, the EU and other international organs and communities to take action against these serious developments.”

“We attach importance and support a development that the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation will hold an extraordinary meeting upon a call made by Turkey to discuss these incidents. We, as the TRNC will take part in that meeting to show our will to be a part of the international community and to support the people of Palestine”, the statement concluded.


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