Istanbul riot police tear gas ”justice marchers”

Once again a demonstration held by a small group of protesters, who gathered together to march to Gezi Park, was broken up by Istanbul riot police using tear gas, yesterday.

The protesters included a representative of the Peace and Democracy Party(BDP), an Islamic scholar and three young protesters who had walked to Istanbul from Antalya in the south on a ”justice march’’.

The marchers had previously visited Ankara and Eskisehir, leaving carnations to commemorate two men who died during protests held early days of the protests which then spread across Turkey.

Ethem Sarisuluk died from police gunshot wounds and Ali Ismail Korkmaz died from injuries sustained after a violent assault by baton-wielding men in plain clothes.

Their march began in Antalya on July 18th and was intended to finish at the now iconic Gezi Park, which has become a symbol of anti-government protests.

After issuing warnings, riot police officers physically blocked the protesters, who sat on the floor refusing to leave. One demonstrator had an epileptic attack after tear gas was fired by the police and was immediately taken to hospital. No detentions were reported in the incident.

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