It’s time for Anastasiades to show some initiative

The Greek Cypriot political parties, which approved the decision adopted by a  majority by the House of Representatives as regards the celebration in public schools of the 1950 referendum on enosis have “dug their own grave”, writes journalist Basaran Duzgun in Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’.

Recalling the Greek Cypriot side’s call for “zero guarantees, zero troops”, “no need for guarantees these days” and “Europe’s guarantees are sufficient”, Duzgun writes that this mentality shows, once again, that the Turkish Cypriots are right when they ask for guarantees. Because even if a federal Cyprus is established, there is no guarantee that the Greek Cypriots will not say ‘we are an indispensable part of the Greek nation and we want to unite with the motherland’. There is absolutely no guarantee, especially that they will not use violence again against the Turkish Cypriots to this end, just like in the past. Therefore, by blessing enosis, they actually affirmed need for guarantees. And for the sake of 3-5 votes, they will dig their own graves.

It is a reality that the negotiations between Akinci and Anastasiades have fallen into a coma, he writes. Diplomatic circles refrain from talking about it, but that is the situation, Duzgun states. Some say that Akinci has reacted so strongly as to endanger the negotiations. Some note that Anastasiades finds it difficult to understand the Turkish Cypriot side’s reactions. All these things do not alter the plain truth. he says. It is evident that the two leaders will not be able to return to the negotiations. Therefore, an urgent intervention at the negotiating table is a precondition. The most creative proposal on this issue has come from AKEL’s General Secretary, Andros Kyprianou.

AKEL wants Anastasiades to state that he accepts the rotating presidency so that the negotiations can resume. This is a proper and reasonable proposal. Because AKEL also knows very well that if the negotiations are interrupted and the table is overturned, everyone will be harmed. However, the Greek Cypriot side [is the one which will be harmed] the most. Now is the time for Anastasiades to show his leadership, Duzgun concludes.


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