It’s time to change the system in the TRNC: Ozersay

Kudret Ozersay, chairman of the People’s Party (HP), has argued that the status of some military zones in North Cyprus must be reconsidered. While visiting the villages of Kalkanlı and Louroujina, Ozersay said that “we are not in the same conditions as 1974”, that conditions have changed significantly and should his party come to power it will revoke the military zone status of some areas, ‘Haberal Kibrisli’ reports.

Ozersay expressed the view that the country’s structure which has existed for 40 years cannot continue any longer and added that his party was established to change the system and not to adapt to it.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ published an interview with Ozersay in which he criticises the fact that the TRNC coalition government continuously puts the Cyprus problem onto the agenda and argued that this is because it has no achievements to talk about. He said that even during the press conference the government organised to talk about its progress, the main part was devoted to the Cyprus problem.

Haberal Kibrisli, Havadis

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