It’s time to get back to the talks: Christodoulides

Now is the time to try and find a way to restart the Cyprus negotiations rather than talking about the presidential elections, South Cyprus governmental spokesman Nicos Christodoulides has said.

Cypriot society wants its politicians to remain focussed on the monumental effort required to develop the economy, to bring reforms or implement energy plans.

That same society wants us to show the same seriousness regarding the goal to solve the Cyprus problem and reunite the island, the spokesman said.

There needs to be an effort made to see how to reignite the stalled Cyprus talks. There is no other choice but to reunite our island, he added.

Christodoulides was speaking at a memorial service for EOKA fighter Evagoras Pallikarides held on Sunday at Saint Theodoros Cathedral church in Paphos There is no other way to pay our debt to our heroes than to remain committed to the ongoing effort aiming at a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem which will lead to the reunification of our country, he said.

He also stressed that liberation requires everyone to be serious, hard working and determined as this island deserves justice, peace and security.


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