Jail Sentence For Causing Fatal Road Accident to Increase

North Cyprus News - PM Unal Ustel
[Prime Minister – Ünal Üstel]
Prime Minister Ünal Üstel has recently brought attention to the escalating issue of traffic accidents, recommending amendments to the Penal Code aimed at reducing them. He specifically urged for increased vigilance on the roads during the holidays, Kibris Postasi reports.

Üstel also announced the formation of a special commission within the Prime Ministry tasked with conducting thorough investigations into the problem. He highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to enhance road safety through both legislative changes and infrastructure development.

In his statement, Üstel expressed deep concern over the loss of numerous lives, particularly among the youth, due to the surge in traffic accidents in recent years. He emphasised the government’s commitment to addressing this issue, stating that they cannot and will not stand by while young lives are lost.

Moreover, Üstel stressed that the problem extends beyond mere traffic concerns, constituting a significant security issue with profound social implications. He underscored the importance of collective action and raising awareness, urging all sectors to collaborate in finding solutions.

Regarding legislative measures, Üstel revealed that amendments had been made to the Penal Code, significantly increasing penalties for individuals responsible for fatal accidents due to negligence. These amendments had been reviewed and approved by relevant authorities before being presented to the Assembly.

Furthermore, Üstel discussed amendments to the Road Safety Bill, specifically targeting more effective enforcement of alcohol regulations. He outlined measures to escalate penalties for drunk driving and refusal to comply with alcohol tests, aiming to deter such behaviour on the roads.

Additionally, Üstel highlighted revisions to other relevant laws to ensure consistency in penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, aligning them with the overarching goal of improving road safety.

In conclusion, Üstel reiterated the government’s varied approach to addressing the issue, which includes legislative reforms, infrastructure improvements, and collaborative efforts involving all stakeholders. He called for active participation and support from government officials, law enforcement agencies, civil society organisations, and the opposition in this critical task.

Kibris Postasi

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