Jailing of Meryem Özkurt ‘Great Injustice’

North Cyprus News - Resmiye Canaltay - UBP
[Resmiye Canaltay – UBP]
Wednesday, 7 June 2022

National Unity Party (UBP) deputy Resmiye Canaltay made a statement on social media after BRTK Director Meryem Özkurt was sentenced to two months in prison for violating the election bans, Kibris Postasi

Canaltay said, “I see it as a great injustice what was done to my dear friend Meryem Özkurt, who always does her duty as the director of BRTK and always aims to improve the quality of her people’s news and journalism”.

Canaltay said, “There are so many things to write about this… All of them are happening in front of our people. I wish you to regain your freedom as soon as possible”.

Kibris Postasi

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