Join the Fight: Protecting Our Planet’s Diversity



The Biologists Collective (Bio-Der) underscored our shared obligation for safeguarding our natural habitats and diverse life forms, urging a joint effort towards fostering a more eco-conscious world, BRTK reports.

In their statement released on the occasion of International Biological Diversity Day, Bio-Der stressed the irreplaceable value of our planet.

President of Bio-Der Hatice Benan, highlighted the disconnect between urbanised populations and nature, emphasising that humanity’s future hinges on grasping the complex interconnectedness between all living beings and their environments.

While human activity continues to reshape the Earth, the full extent of these alterations remains elusive,” the statement read. It cited examples such as the escalating nitrogen levels, global land cover transformations, and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, warning of the potential hazards these changes entail.

The message reframed May 22 not as a mere celebration but as a call to arms, a day dedicated to advocating for the preservation of biodiversity and promoting the sustainable use of our natural environment.

We no longer commemorate this significant day; rather, we use it as a platform to amplify our ongoing mission of raising public consciousness and safeguarding biodiversity, a cornerstone of sustainable existence”, the statement concluded.


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