Joining KOP would create political cost: Ertug

TRNC Presidential spokesman, Osman Ertug has said that if the TRNC Football Federation (KTFF) joins the Cyprus Football Federation (KOP), there would be a political cost.

Speaking on Ada TV, he said:

“This is a move that could come at a political cost for us. For this reason, this is an issue which needs to be examined very carefully. Our president is very sensitive on this issue. Still, beyond this sensitivity, initiatives were undertaken on this matter. We follow the issue very closely. Our football faces difficulties but those difficulties are not related only to football. We managed to put this issue into the report of the UN’s Secretary General. This is an issue which interests all of us. But, I say that the remedy for this is certainly not to become members of the Greek Cypriot Football Federation”, Ertug concluded.

Source Star Kibris

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