Joining KOP is suicide for North’s football: Denktas

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Sport Serdar Denktas, has said that the actions of the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation (KTFF) is tantamount to political bankruptcy and suicide for TRNC football.

Denktas has sent a letter to the football clubs expressing his views on the KTFF’s application to join the Cyprus Football Association (KOP). He argued that before such a decision was made, the views of each member-club should have been into consideration and the decision then being made by the clubs, following which the consequences of this decision would have been respected by everyone, including himself.

“There are ways for opening our football to the outside world and what should be done is for the government and the federation to push for these ways together”, argued Denktas, alleging that because of a “promise given behind closed doors”, the application to KOP has been presented as its only alternative.

Source Bakis

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