Joint action crucial for Cyprob solution: Anastasiades

President Anastasiades has said that joint action will help to increase understanding between the two communities in Cyprus and is crucial for the solution of the Cyprus problem, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

“I deeply believe that this is achievable, especially for the benefit of all of our people. Because I believe that Cypriots who suffered so much, should finally rediscover the path of peace, co-creation and growth. I am aware of the fact that this route passes through reconciliation, mutual understanding and cooperation,” he said.

The Greek Cypriot president also said that his struggle is about a solution that will end the occupation and colonisation of Cyprus, getting rid of foreign troops and foreign dependencies and restoring and ensuring the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots. A fair solution, he added, for both communities in the island.

“Reunification, and safeguarding human rights is our demands for all Cypriots, both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, but also for every legitimate Cypriot, wherever they belong, whatever language they speak, whatever religion they believe”, said Anastasiades.

He called on the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot leadership to demonstrate a spirit of cooperation, respect the commitments under the Joint statement which was recently reached by both sides in order to work together to end the division of the country.

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