Joint Cypriot delegation meets British MP

A joint delegation of the Famagusta Association UK and the Turkish Cypriot Association for Democracy (UK) met with Labour MP for Mansfield, Sir Alan Meale (above) to discuss the future of Famagusta, ‘Famagusta Gazette’ reports.

A meeting held at the House of Commons, the delegation asked Sir Alan if he could round up more of his colleague to support their campaign to return Famagusta to the original owners.

The Mansfield MP said that he continued to support a fair settlement to the Cyprus problem, stressing that the UK would be one of the biggest beneficiaries. With regard to Famagusta he suggested the Association should send a letter with its positions to the members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Cyprus, of which he is also a long-standing member.

The idea of introducing the Famagusta Association’s petition for the return of the town to the House of Commons as an Early Day Motion was also discussed.

The two sides also referred to the possibility of organising a concert with the participation of Cypriot, Greek and Turkish, as well as international artists in the free areas of Famagusta, in order to raise awareness.

Sir Alan also discussed the inclusion in the Labour party’s manifesto of a specific reference to Famagusta, while he praised the active interest in Cyprus of his party’s Shadow Minister for Europe Gareth Thomas. The delegation asked the British politician to continue reminding Mr Thomas of the UK’s obligations towards Cyprus.

The Famagusta Association President Dr Vassilis Mavrou expressed his satisfaction after the meeting. “My sense is that Sir Alan Meale and the Labour party generally have responded to our positions on Cyprus and Famagusta very positively. I left confident that he is determined to keep promoting these positions,” Dr Mavrou told CNA.

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