Joint statement close but GC’s negativity unhelpful: Nami

Ozdil Nami, the TRNC’s Foreign Minister claims that agreement on a joint statement to open up the Cyprus negotiations was close, this weekend.

Friday evening saw UN Special Advisor on Cyprus, Alexander Downer making a dramatic return from Larnaca airport. The UN official was on his way home to Australia for Christmas.

Some sources close to the negotiations said that a joint statement was imminent and hopes were once again raised. However on Sunday evening, the South’s government spokesman, Christos Stylianides said that the Turks were sinking any hope of a statement being issued. Conversely, the Turkish mainland Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, who was on a one day visit to the TRNC, was remarkably upbeat about the situation, stating that the atmosphere around the talks were positive.

Ozdil Nami, said today that mainland Turkey had given its full support and that the South should demonstrate the same constructive attitude and that a joint statement should be issued soonest. Nami added that so far, certain important convergences were in place.

He said that the achievement of a joint statement had nearly been reached but that the Greek Cypriot’s negative messages were unhelpful.


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