Kalecik power plant to clean up its act

Environment and Natural Resources Minister Hakan Dincyurek has said that the AKSA power plant at Kalecik in Iskele will be attaching adding a filter to its flue, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Dincyurek was a guest on Ercin Sahmaran’s Gundeme Bakis program, where he touched upon environmental issues noting that AKSA has until 15th December to add the filter. He added that the Teknecik power plant has the same issues, saying “We need to exercise self-criticism before we criticise others”. Dincyurek said that no one has the right to pose a threat to public health. “AKSA is currently in the process of attaching the filter”.

The Environment Protection Office of the Ministry is closely following this. At the first opportunity I will also be visiting the site for more information. The processes which are taking place should be viewed as a unified process. The quality of fuel should be improved. A filter has to be attached and after it is done, we will take measurements in order to see how much benefit has been gained,” he said. Dincyurek stated that there was little time left for the attachment of the filter.

“We are closely following this. Our aim is not to victimise the investor but to provide an environment which impacts on human health as little as possible.” Dincyurek noted that the Teknecik Power Plant had the same issues, stating that; “If as a society we claim that KIB-TEK is our institution and that we will fight for its existence, then we should address the issues of the filter, chimney and fuel.”

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