KAR Hit by Outbreak of Distemper

Kyrenia Animal Rescue Centre has closed its doors to new intakes of cats and dogs after it was discovered that a batch of abandoned puppies taken in recently, had distemper.

According to its Facebook page, 80 dogs have died at the centre so far. Last week the centre was waiting for emergency supplies of a heavy duty vaccination along with supplies of intravenous Vitamin C, which is currently out of stock in the TRNC , with new supplies on their way from France.

Staff and helpers at the centre are devastated by the effects of the outbreak of this highly infectious disease.

Pet owners are asked to monitor their own pets for any signs of ill health including coughing, runny nose, snuffles etc.

Needless to say, the cost of vaccinating and euthanisation of some of the animals has seriously depleted KAR’s funds and they have asked for donations.

You can donate at their Karakum office or into any of their bank accounts:
UK A/C Name Kyrenia Animal Rescue. HSBC 40 – 21- 02 11364812
TRNC CREDITWEST £ A/C 37 -301 – 0000000714 TL A/C 32 – 301 – 00000000056

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