Karaoglanoglu Public Beaches Safe for Swimming

The results of the sample testing of sea water make by Girne Municipality have come out positive.

North Cyprus News - Test TubesThe analysis of sea water taken from the Kervansaray public beach area and Karaoğlanoğlu Municipality Beach (Eski Antis) are found to be satisfactory.

Kyrenia Municipality issued a statement to say that the public beaches within the city limits of the municipality are very popular with the public and tourists. Samples of sea water taken for testing for E. coli and enteropathogens  were prepared by the Ministry of Health State Laboratory Office, and according to the letter dated June 22, 2018, a clean up was announced.

Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that the regular sea water sample testing between Kervansaray Public Beach and Karaoğlanoğlu Municipality Beach, follows EU standards, and that people could enter the sea in these areas with peace of mind.


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