Karpaz Association Press Release

The Karpaz Association distributed a press release yesterday, outlining the events around their protest on Sunday:

“The struggle that we initiated on January 22nd against the destruction of nature is continuing.

It is a shame that those citizens who are attempting to stop these attacks against nature and the environment should now be opposed by the local population.

As we have pointed out, the association is not against the building of a road. However this has been misinterpreted by some so as to cause conflict with our fellow citizens.

We have never seen such shameful accusations, calling us atheists and colluding with the Greeks. These have come from government officials. Because we know that on Sunday our way was barred not by the Dipkarpaz villagers but by the government officials that incited them.

We have taken every opportunity to stress that we are not against the development of the Karpaz and its road. What we want is for this road to be built without the destruction of the environment in which we all live.

We can also point out the extensive and expensive studies that have been taken out on the development of the Karpaz area. These have been left on the shelf and should now be read.

The Department of Environmental Protection stipulated that an environmental impact study should be done when a road is built. This is even more important in a sensitive area like the Karpaz. For years ‘the golden sands’ have been used in tourism advertisements. Now these will be concreted over.

We call on all Ministers, particularly those concerned with the environment to comply with the rules on Special Protection areas. Every action made by you against nature will be resisted by us.”

The government is currently engaged in road-widening in Dipkarpaz.


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