Karpaz water purification plant back on track

There was a long running dispute between the previous UBP government and Tahal, the company that constructed the water purification plant at Bafra.

The disagreement reached the stage of lawsuits and Tahal shutting down its plant because it was not getting paid as per its contract with the government. Local hotels and villages were suffering from lack of water for months.

New Prime Minister Sibel Siber has cut through all the issues, paid Tahal and now the plant is back supplying water.

The original contract was signed between the CTP government and Tahal. When the last UBP government came to power, it refused to honour the contract. Part of the contract involved the state paying for the electricity costs of running the purification plant but the UBP government stopped paying these. Consequently KIBTEK disconnected the electricity supply. The water purification plant had not been working for the last three months.

The due payments to Tahal were paid at the initiative of Ms Siber and water is now flowing to the villages and hotels that had been suffering.

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