Kasoulides goes over Downer’s head

The South Cyprus Foreign Minister, Ioannis Kasoulides will be meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in New York.

Apparently, this meeting was requested by the South.

Diplomatic sources say that the meeting was considered necessary in order that Kasoulides could convey to Ban Ki-moon, his governments views, such as had been discussed with Ki-moon’s Special Envoy, Alexander Downer, on the Cyprus problem.

Kasoulides along with President Anastasiades, recently met up with Ban Ki-moon’s Special Envoy to Cyprus Alexander Downer, in Nicosia.

He also had vociferously complained that Downer had met with the TRNC Foreign Minister, Huseyin Ozgurgun. The South took exception to this meeting because they said it ratified Ozurgun’s authority as an official of a ‘rogue state.’

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