Kib-Tek Anounces Power Cuts

Kıb-Tek has announced power cuts in the Güzelyurt region between 9am and 11am because a fault on an underground cable. The following areas will be affected: Güneşköy, Eroza resort, Güneşköy, Aydınköy, Güzelyurt Open Air Market, Güzelyurt Festival Area, Güzelyurt bypass, Güzelyurt Mevlevi main road, Güzelyurt high street – Güzelyurt, Kumköy main road, Kumköy, and Güzelyurt Municipality Treatment Plant.

In the Lefke district, power will be cut between 9am and 11am in Gaziveren, Afrodit Sitesi, Gaziveren football pitch and the Doğancı junction.

North Cyprus News - Power Cut

In the Kyrenia district, because of project work, there will be a power cut to the west of Çatalköy primary school, between 9am and 2pm.

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