Kib-Tek Bosses Liable to Fold Under Political Pressure

Kib-Tek Head Office

Friday, 2 September 2022

The Chairman and Board of Director of state-owned electricity authority Kib-Tek need to stand up to political pressure, Yeniduzen reports.

The aforementioned management positions are appointed politically, and there have been five changes of chairman since April 1, largely due to government interference, the report says.

The latest chairman of the board to resign was Hasan Akyiğit, who submitted his resignation on Wednesday. He said that the Prime Ministry had attempted to interfere with plans intended to enhance the institution and bring prosperity.

Akyiğit said: “[The Prime Ministry said] Do not disturb the order, although I said everything will be much better, they insisted that we must dismiss the manager. I was in charge of this ship.

“Although I said I will not disturb the order, everything will be much better, they insisted that we dismiss the manager. We were working in harmony with the manager, I said not to interfere, but they did not listen.

“The grounds for dismissal of the manager are ‘that he will withdraw the manager’s salary‘”.

Noting that he asked the Prime Ministry the reason for the request for the dismissal of the Kib-Tek General Manager, Akyiğit said, “They said that if Kamil Direl worked one more day, he would withdraw the manager’s salary. The man is already getting a manager’s salary. Whoever you replace will get the same salary. Either do as I say or resign. If you don’t resign, we will dismiss you“.

Akyiğit said, “In other words, the reason for the change of chairman is political intervention”

Former Kib-Tek chairmen said that they all had endured political interference. Reminding that the Board of Directors and the Chairman were elected as political appointees, attention was drawn to the fact that those who were politically appointed to top management positions could not stand up to political pressure.

Bribery Allegations

Meanwhile, regarding allegations of bribery within the institution, it was stressed  “There was no bribery during my term“.

Kib-Tek’s budget takes up 70 percent of the TRNC budget and it was pointed out that there was more need for transparency over spending.


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