KIB-TEK chairman unaware of Turkey’s electricity plans for TRNC

Turkish energy minister Taner Yildiz’s statement regarding supplying electricity to the TRNC using private finance has given rise to indignant reaction from KIB-TEK chairman Ismet Akim.

Akim stated that he does not understand how Turkey can prepare projects on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus and added: “The reference of the Minister to the preparation of a master plan which will provide services to both sides in the island, raises question marks in respect of international relations? On the other hand, don’t the Turkish Cypriots have any right to speak? What kind of approach is this, what sort of international relationship is this?” Akim queried.

He went to say that the Yildiz’ statements that the electricity prices in the TRNC will fall, if the project is implemented is completely untrue and accused him of trying to mislead the public.

Akim added also that they are completely in the dark about the master plan that Yildiz referred to and stated that in consultations with an international company, they have prepared a feasibility study, the results of which said that transferring electricity from Turkey to the TRNC via cables would not be financially viable.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’ reported on statements by Social Democracy Party (TDP) chairman Cemal Ozyigit who commented on Yildiz’s latest announcement on electricity.

Ozyigit noted that, in spite of the fact that two months ago the electricity authorities had made a profit, today it is in debt and an increase in prices seem inevitable.

Speaking on Ada TV, Ozyigit pointed out that the drop in prices in the South, was because of the fall in petrol prices and said that the picture in the North is quite the opposite.

Ozyigit also commented that they do not oppose the transfer of electricity from Turkey but he pointed out that the TRNC needed to be responsible for the administration of the electricity and the water to be transferred.

Yeni Duzen, Kibris Postasi

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